About company

Concern “2F TECHNOLOGY GROUP” is a supplier of a wide range of rubber products. We manufacture rubber and rubber products for all industries.

We are engaged in the development, manufacture, integrated supply of our products to enterprises and organizations located throughout Uzbekistan and the CIS countries.

Our clients are enterprises of the chemical, medical, oil refining, food industries, mechanical engineering, water and heat supply, as well as transport and agricultural enterprises.

We also work on the development and manufacture of non-standard rubbers and rubber products according to sketches, drawings or samples of customers.

Our product range includes more than a thousand items of rubber and rubber products.

We offer the market a flexible pricing policy, which compares our prices favorably with competitors’ prices, allowing us to interest both large, medium and small wholesalers.

Knowledge of the market and good relations with all Uzbek factories producing rubber products, as well as cooperation with our collectors-pickers from other CIS countries, help us quickly fulfill customer orders.

Many enterprises working with Uzbek suppliers also meet with those that can ship goods several months after payment. Therefore, you will appreciate our speed and quality of our work.

Wagon, container, baggage, vehicles – we will try to ensure that you receive your order on time.

Our highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the rubber industry will help and advise you on products that best suit your operating conditions.

Sophisticated organization of labor and operational efficiency allow us to conduct a reasonable pricing policy and expand the circle of our regular customers. This benefits both our customers and us. We see our success in the fact that an enterprise that once bought rubber products from us would become our regular customer.

The success of our company is determined by a professional, energetic and close-knit team of employees, as well as the ability to offer the customer the most convenient and favorable conditions.

An individual approach to each client is the key to our success and development, which we wish for your company.