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Increase   |   02.29.2020

Solid tires for forklifts designed for use on flat surfaces. Concrete, asphalt, wood and ground coatings and the foundations of the platforms are the main roads on which solid wheels can roll without much damage to themselves and with maximum comfort for the driver and cargo. But, if the track or site is replete with […]

Whole colorless tubeless tires and wheels for forklift loaders and special equipment

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Increase   |   02.22.2018

Rubber seals – elastic bands of curly, round, rectangular and other sections made of rubber. They serve to seal the working seams in various designs. For example, in concrete structures, permanently or temporarily under the influence of surface groundwater and sewage (tanks, water towers, dams, spills, canals, swimming pools, treatment facilities). Also used for waterproofing […]

Curly Rubber Seals

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Increase   |   02.21.2018

Our transport and elevator belts are designed to move various loads – both bulk and piece, packaged (sand, gravel, dolomite, salt, clay, coal, coke, concrete – not a complete list of what is transported using conveyor belts) and found application in most sectors of modern industry, in agriculture and construction.

Curly Rubber Seals

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2ftg equip

Increase   |   01.4.2017

We offer services for the selection, “turnkey” installation and maintenance of any type of rubber equipment: Tire Production Lines; Lines for the production of bicycle and motorcycle tires and cameras; Molded Rubber Product Lines; Non-Molded Rubber Product Lines; A full range of equipment: rubber mixers, rollers, calenders, cutting machines, hydraulic molds, molds and much more.

Equipment for the production of rubber goods of a wide range

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Increase   |   04.28.2016

Adhesives obtained by dissolving rubber or rubber in organic solvents (gasoline, ethyl acetate, etc.).

Rubber adhesives

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Increase   |   04.28.2016

Non-rubber rubber plate (type I) and rubber fabric. heat and frost acid and alkali resistant (GOST 7338-90)

Technical plates Heat-oil-acid-alkali resistant

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Increase   |   04.28.2016

Plate informal rubberized fabric (type II) and rubber (type I) oil and petrol resistant (GOST 7338-90)

Oil and petrol resistant technical plates

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Increase   |   04.28.2016

Rubber oxygen hose (hose) is designed to supply gas under pressure to devices for gas welding and metal cutting. The sleeve is made of vulcanized rubber with double filament braid.

Rubber hoses

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Concern "2F TECHNOLOGY GROUP" delivers equipment from China and chemicals for the chemical, rubber, polymer, paint and varnish, wood, metal, knitting industries; packaging, vacuum, stone processing lines. Carries out a full cycle of personnel training in China, provides all the necessary technological documentation for the installation, installation, commissioning of the necessary equipment. We carry out all work on customs clearance of goods from China and the execution of other documents.

We manufacture rubber and rubber products for all industries. We are engaged in the development, manufacture, integrated supply of our products to enterprises and organizations located throughout Uzbekistan and the CIS countries.

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The success of our company is determined by a professional, energetic and close-knit team of employees, as well as the ability to offer the customer the most convenient and favorable conditions. An individual approach to each client is the key to our success and development, which we wish for your company.