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Our transport and elevator belts are designed to move various loads – both bulk and piece, packaged (sand, gravel, dolomite, salt, clay, coal, coke, concrete – not a complete list of what is transported using conveyor belts) and found application in most sectors of modern industry, in agriculture and construction.

Curly Rubber Seals

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Protect from mine water, mechanical influences with an energy of 15 J. Internal textile lining, grooved sole, heel.


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Rubberized fabrics of our production are distinguished by best-in-class performance and quality, which allows us to consider them as materials with improved characteristics to replace traditionally used materials.

Rubberized fabrics

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Being the most common type of drive belts, V-belts, i.e. belts having a trapezoidal cross-sectional profile, the angle of which should coincide with the pulley angles, are widely used in drives of various types of equipment


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2F TECHNOLOGY GROUP LLC offers Heat-oil-acid-alkali resistant rubber compounds for delivery

Rubber compound Heat-oil-acid-alkali resistant

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рукава напорные

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The structural features of reinforced rubber hoses provide excellent flexibility, preservation of the inner cross-section of the hose during bending, high strength, wear resistance and mechanical resistance of the hose.

Reinforced sleeves

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